What is Reseller Hosting?

Simply put, a reseller hosting account allows you to host multiple sites using the one hosting account.

What can I do with Reseller Hosting?

All of our Reseller Hosting accounts are provided with the powerful CPanel control panel. Using CPanel you can divide your allocated disk space and monthly transfer allowance between the varies different sites that you host. Have a mixture of busy web sites and a few smaller ones? Well thatís no problem, with CPanel you can allocate more resources to your busier sites and less to your smaller ones - its all down to how you want to manage your own resources.
Additionally, each and every account you setup has itself its own instance of CPanel!

Why would I need a Reseller Hosting account?

  • Reduce your costs and maximise your profits
    If you own or manage more than on site then you can cut costs by combining them all into one account. You only pay for the one reseller plan irrespective of how many accounts you host on your reseller account.. Therefore it is far cheaper to host them using our reseller accounts than to pay for several different shared hosting accounts. This is a perfect option if your are a web designer. You can host your own customers using your own hosting resources. Simply keep adding more sites to your reseller account - your monthly hosting bill stays the same but you increase your profits!
  • Easier to manage
    It is far easier to manage your websites using one hosting account than to have many different ones. With a reseller account you can allocate your resources as you see fit.
  • Become a Web Host
    Fancy yourself as a budding web host? Well with our reseller hosting you can start your own hosting business. Using CPanel you can divide up your account resources into hosting plans of your own. You can then resell your resources and host multiple sites yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I use a reseller hosting account to host just one site?
A. Yes, you can host just one site if you wish.

Q. What if I need to upgrade my account?
A. If you need to upgrade to a larger plan then we can seamlessly upgrade you without any downtime. We would then change your billing criteria to match the price of the upgrade.

If you have any further questions to ask, then simply use our contact us online or ask on our support forums.